Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I married up. Not in status. Not in wealth. I married the kind of guy I hope my girls marry. A man of character. He is steady, even, cool headed, smart, and adores me in all of my quirks (and bad habits, character flaws, imperfections, and those parts of me that are far from charming). He on the other hand married a real lemon and I am striving to be the kind of wife I would be happy with my own son having. I run the car into things (or other drivers). A lot. I can be impatient. I spend too much at Target. I am impatient (did I mention that?). I am forgetful. But in all of my faults, being married to him has not only made me a better person, but it makes me want to keep working on it. 

tons, still Matthew. TONS.
in case your husband's name isn't Matthew and you need a reminder...


  1. This is SO sweet!!! What an amazing post to your hubs - sounds like you are one lucky girl:)

  2. LOVE this post! This is truly beautiful!

  3. So sweet! Such a cute tribute to your hubby :) you are a lucky girl indeed.

  4. Beautiful! We are lucky to have wonderful hubbys and Target, we all spend too much there. No worries :)

  5. Kristen, I feel very lucky that my precious daughter found a hubby like Mattherw, however you are a rare gem, and he is eaqually as lucky to be married to youYou are a great mother and a wounderful wife.I am so proud of you both

  6. Beautiful!

    We follow each other on twitter. I figured I'd drop by and have a look around. :-)